More Than Stones

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ELSIG – Please hold the date: September 17 – ELSIG Relaunch Planning Party

Dear Engineering Leader & ELSIG Supporter –

We’re relaunching the Engineering Leadership SIG with a party and open forum on September 17 (location still TBD). Would you attend? We want to hear your input, and we can share what we’ve been thinking.

Around the end of last year, SVForum decided to redefine itself, and as a result, most of the SIGs (including ELSIG) were no longer needed by SVForum.

But many of us involved in the ELSIG Core Team over the past decade (and many of you) sensed a disturbance in The Force. That stimulated us to consider a RELAUNCHING of ELSIG (with probably a new name).

Specifically, we invite your opinion and guidance on:

  • Has ELSIG delivered value to you? Did you learn something from ELSIG?
  • Has ELSIG passed its time?
  • Have you missed ELSIG since SVForum dropped its support?
  • Are other organizations / forums / meetups displacing your need for ELSIG?
  • Do you think ELSIG still has a role in Silicon Valley?
  • Did the ELSIG meeting fee keep you away more than you’d’ve liked?
  • Did you ever join us for dinner after the monthly meeting? (yes: Did you enjoy it?)
  • Would you support an independent ELSIG (renamed) and attend?
  • Would you still like to network with those who’ve associated themselves with ELSIG in the past?
  • Would you like to help us refocus ELSIG’s charter / mission / objectives / purpose / operations?
  • What’s the farthest NORTH you would go for a meeting?
    What’s the farthest SOUTH you would go for a meeting?
    What’s the farthest EAST you would go for a meeting?
  • What advice would you have for us (the core team) as we contemplate these questions?

Thank you for your past support of ELSIG, we hope to see you in person on the 17th of September. (If you can’t make it we would still love to have your input by email, and we hope to be of service to you again!)

Warm regards – Kimberly, Tam, Sam, Tom, Sue, Ron, Bill, John, Larry, Matt, Ben, Steve, et al

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Fat Helps Prevent Gallstones

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The Energizer Bunny

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Initial first ideas for Operations Concept – much to follow

DKR2 Visualized

  • Premise:
    • What would the world look like if Doug had gotten $100M USD funding and was able to keep his team focused for a decade or more pursuing the DKR / NLS / OHS / CoDIAK vision? How would our human interactions look & feel? What could we do together that we cannot otherwise do in 2015?
    • I would have voice & visual & virtual hand access a repository of knowledge
    • It would accompany me wherever I am
    • As I encounter people, I would see the key attributes i want to know about people, and the key attributes they want me to know about themselves
    • As I move around, I would know where my closest associates were, and (if permitted) what they were currently doing / focused on
    • As I move toward an interaction, my interaction history with that person would be available, visualized in a number of ways:
      • timeline of activity
      • tagged classification of the kinds of interactions we’ve had
      • action items outstanding
      • sentiment of last few interactions
        • were we joyful? exasperated? excited? frustrated? inspired? irritated?
      • Advisor would remind us both what was outstanding that still needed to be addressed
      • We could manipulate the urgency & prioritization of items that were on the “backlog” for discussion / resolution
      • Even if we were not together, all these capabilities would be available, and we could interact on these at any time, virtually.
      • As we are PHYSICALLY colocated, what becomes possible that wasn’t otherwise when virtual?
        • I’m not sure there ARE any differences, once sufficient investment has gone into interaction platforms
    • My CCC’s with person gives context on where we’ve accomplished our mutually agreed-upon goals, and where we are still active, and what is not yet started
    • I am able to update my CCCs to set expectations, but also to communicate to anonymous 3rd parties how to better understand my existing working network and series of activities / projects I’m engaged in
    • When I choose to connect with someone in real time, a 3D space opens up “between us” that I can reach into.
      • This space contains our “state of discussion” – including
        • Agenda – topics backlog we haven’t gotten to yet
        • Our “workspace” of thoughts that are still being “worked on”, with connections, attributes, content, review comments, feedback, supporting links, etc.
        • The space can be viewed from either participant’s “perspective” – how they’ve laid out the space, or can be independent, with each participant having a different layout organization of thoughts
        • Views can be dynamic, shifting form one to another
        • I can also shift from spatial to textual to outline to timeline to topic-map to ??? views
        • Views can be superimposed so that I can see trending, thresholds, hotspots, etc.
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Are you Absorbing Calcium?

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Aches and Pains

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