Best Vitamin to Remove Fat From the Liver

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Skype file now via eMail

Alexander –

Thank you for taking the time to review the 4/14 call video and add your perspective. I find that where there is characterization thusly:

I found the disconnect expressed in the video of the Amigos call of 14 April 2016 to be about conceptual platform construction and “where to begin”. Dino appears to be taking a sort of “idealized systems design” approach which requires what Banathy described as “jumping out of the current system” to envision the potential future system desired. Sam and Frode appear to want to “take stock” of what the design parameters of Polyscopy are and to get working on how to package the offer.

I was myself internally thinking that *driving the discussion* based on “what the user would see and do” was one way to set the vision, or at least one part of it, not that it was necessarily only trying to “take stock” of the design parameters and getting going on how to package it. In systems engineering, there are multiple dimensions by which to DRIVE the eventual system model, architecture, and specification, and using a USER PERSPECTIVE is a useful as any other.

I *do* think that Dino does have an opportunity (if not actually a responsibility) to “specify what to do with the view” – indeed, who better than the one who is driving the vision?

If not the actual graphic view, then the meta conversation to that is “what is the information model” that we can use to define user interaction? Toward that end, we want to understand user’s mental KNOWLEDGE-STATE, and FOCUS (directed objective?), so that we can over a sequence of steps understand how that KNOWLEDGE-STATE evolves / grows into something that can produce the OBJECTIVE.

Given such a information model, one can then rationally propose and evaluate the “UX” or “UI”. I would also argue that UNTIL one has such a information model, one CANNOT propose or evaluate a UI or UX.

So the questions I try to ask are with this context in mind.

Thanks again for your time and perspective. Love – Sam

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Resolving Dumping Syndrome or Loose Stools

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Sorry for the delay…

Ross –
Was away on 3-day retreat / workshop, got sore throat and other symptoms, and then some s**t has hit the fan here, so taking care of it… Will respond soon. PS. Couldn’t find your message about the 3 URLs… Would you please resend? Thx – Sam

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Bean Creek Property

Janet – I thought it was a simple process to re-generate the loan pre-qual, but I have to go through the whole process again… it’d been too long. So I’m authorizing credit check again… Rgds – Sam

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Sam at Gene’s recital on March 4

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3 Causes of Insulin Resistance

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