Brigitte Gabriel – at Duke University

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Brigitte Gabriel‘s speech she made at duke university
“I’m proud and honored to stand here today as a Lebanese speaking for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. As someone who was raised in an Arabic country, I want to give you a glimpse into the heart of the Arabic world.

I was raised in Lebanon where I was taught that the Jews are evil, Israel is the devil, and the only time we will have peace in the Middle East is when we kill all the Jews and drive them into the sea.

When the Muslims and Palestinians declared jihad on the Christians in 1975, they started massacring the Christians city after city. I ended up living in a bomb shelter underground from age 10 to 17, without electricity, eating grass to live, and crawling under sniper bullets to a spring to get water.

It was Israel who came to help the Christians in Lebanon. My mother was wounded by a Muslim shell and was taken into an Israeli hospital for treatment. When we entered the emergency room, I was shocked at what I saw. There were hundreds of people wounded, Muslims, Palestinians, Lebanese Christians, and Israeli soldiers lying on the floor. The doctors treated everyone according to their injury. They treated my mother before they treated the Israeli soldier lying next to her. They didn’t see religion, they didn’t see political affiliation; they saw people in need and they helped.

For the first time in my life, I experienced a human quality that I know my culture would not have shown to their enemy. I experienced the values of the Israelis, who were able to love their enemy in their most trying moments. I spent 22 days at that hospital; those days changed my life and the way I believe information, the way I listen to the radio or to television. I realized that I was sold a fabricated lie by my government about the Jews and Israel, which was so far from reality. I knew for a fact that if I were a Jew standing in an Arab hospital, I would be lynched and thrown to the ground as shouts of joy of “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) echoed through the hospital and the surrounding streets.

I became friends with the families of the wounded Israeli soldiers, one in particular, Rina, whose only child was wounded in his eyes. One day, I was visiting with her and the Israeli army band came to play national songs to lift the spirits of the wounded soldiers. As they surrounded his bed playing a song about Jerusalem, Rina and I started crying. I felt out of place and started walking out of the room, and this mother held my hand and pulled me back in without even looking at me. She held me, crying, and said, “It is not your fault.” We just stood there, crying, holding each other’s hands.
What a contrast between her—a mother looking at her deformed, 19-year-old only child and still able to love me, the enemy—and a Muslim mother who sends her son to blow himself up to smithereens just to kill a few Jews or Christians.

The difference between the Arabic world and Israel is a difference in values and character. It’s barbarism versus civilization. It’s democracy versus dictatorship. It’s goodness versus evil.

Once upon a time, there was a special place in the lowest depths of hell for anyone who would intentionally murder a child. Now, the intentional murder of Israeli children is legitimized as Palestinian “armed struggle.” However, once such behavior is legitimized against Israel, it is legitimized everywhere in the world, constrained by nothing more than the subjective belief of people who would wrap themselves in dynamite and nails for the purpose of killing children in the name of god.

Because the Palestinians have been encouraged to believe that murdering innocent Israeli civilians is a legitimate tactic for advancing their cause, the whole world now suffers from a plague of terrorism, from Nairobi to New York, from Moscow to Madrid, from Bali to Beslan.

They blame suicide bombings on the “desperation of occupation.” Let me tell you the truth. The first major terror bombing committed by Arabs against the Jewish state occurred 10 weeks before Israel even became independent. On Sunday morning, February 22, 1948, in anticipation of Israel ‘s independence, a triple truck bomb was detonated by Arab terrorists on Ben Yehuda Street in what was then the Jewish section of Jerusalem. Fifty-four people were killed and hundreds were wounded.

Thus, it is obvious that Arab terrorism is caused not by “desperation” or “occupation”, but by the VERY THOUGHT of a Jewish state.

So many times in history in the last 100 years, citizens have stood by and done nothing, allowing evil to prevail. As America stood up against and defeated communism, now it is time to stand up against the terror of religious bigotry and intolerance. It’s time for everyone to stand up and support and defend the State of Israel, which is the front line of the war against terrorism.

Thank you.”

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38 Responses to Brigitte Gabriel – at Duke University

  1. Valentine says:

    I wish the world would open their eyes I met this lady many years ago & I also read her book

  2. Ken says:

    If only more women in the Middle East could speak for themselves. It’s really that simple.

  3. grace0307 says:

    May God Bless You and Protect You – for the rest of your life. You speak the truth when others simply remain silent and in fear.

  4. Will Ray says:

    I don’t agree with this lady because I know the nature of humans. There is nothing civilized about war period. How you fight is your rational. Ok if I kill you with kindness is that somehow better. I still killed you. If I say I will except your low standards for me and my family is that civilized. I get some of your points but to make another native people less human is agreeing that all Indian populations from the beginning of time are evil. No. They are your fellow humans. There is nothing more hostile to the Eco landscape than this current civilized society you glorify. You should have invited someone who could speak on behalf of the Arab culture. At least they call me brother which is far beyond a Israel citizens treatment toward me. Good luck. And god had nothing to do with this war violence we all no it well

    • aarkie says:

      What is it that bothers you about her truthful address at Duke and around this country? Is it the truth that you can’t accept? Just listem to the News with an open mind. People who use their own as a HumanShield, defy the Geneva Treaty, who want to erridicate Israel from the region totally, as their Charter says, does this not bother you?

    • Sol Grazi says:

      And what will you do when you are assaulted? Of course, I’m assuming you are living in integrity and receiving no benefits from the world you consider so corrupt. Wait! How can you be on the internet???
      BTW, have you ever met an Israeli, and did you speak to them like you speak of them here?

    • gary says:

      sorry BUB, while I agree with your statement about violence, the tenor of your comment is clearly to vilify Israel. You claim to know the nature of human beings. Well wake up man, calling people “brother” means nothing. Its actions that count. It is very very clear that the prevelant culture in the Arab states is to HATE Jews! And the anti Jewish sentiments are even very evident in the Western world. Arabs even hate their own kind when someone adheres to a different version of the same religion. It was not the Israelis that danced in the streets when the U.S. was attacked on 9-11. The fundamentalist Arabs are creating havoc in the world and a gullible public believes them merely because the Israelis are Jews. Who stood up for the Israels when the state of Israel was attacked immediately after it was formed? NO ONE! The tables were turned back then and no one cared about Israel who was attacked by at least 4 or 5 different Arabic nations. But now that Israel has prospered and knows how to defend itself, the world condems them. The Israelis are Jews and that is why the world and people vilify them. DId you stand up for the 100s of thousands of Rwandans that were slaughtered when the Hutus and Tutsis were at war? DId you vilify any of them? NO!. Did the world come to the aid of the 6 million who were put to the gas? NO! Did you stand up for the innocent who were killed by the Stalins, Pol Pots and others? NO! They didn’t matter. But the moment Israel is involved (even in actions less catastrophic that the previous mentioned) people scream genocide, apartheid, murderers, and 100 other indecent explitives.

      • grace0307 says:

        Well said. Agreed. Every time I hear the word ‘brother/sister’ mentioned these days, I just want to puke. We’re only someone’s bro/sis if we’re doing what they want. Jewish people are PRO/LIFE not PRO/DEATH. They’ve overcome great atrocities and with enormous grace they’ve accepted the past and striven to BUILD a future for themselves. I think that kind of fortitude makes some people jealous, people who’s only interest in life is DEATH. If they want to die, let them go ahead but don’t take ANYONE else with them. Anyone whose religion asks them to sacrifice themselves or others has to be insane and insane people don’t listen to anyone do they? No God or Allah or Jehovah or Jahweh would EVER require ANYONE to commit suicide and take anyone else with them because God is PRO/LIFE. So those who follow such a religion need to question are they following their God or are they following the orders of a terrorist group who is using them? It’s simple.

      • Brian K says:

        Perhaps people didn’t stand up before (although I’d argue that many did) but people are protesting now because what you are doing is inhuman – killing some guilty, yes, killing many, many more innocents YES! Israel has put itself into a position where the world perceives it as the bully, and it’s continuing to murder children and claim that it’s fair because somehow they are to blame by standing at a UN school. Look at the IRA, peace was found through forgiveness and one side refusing to fight – if the other side can’t stop fighting first, then it is for Israel to take that higher ground. I’m saddened that so many feel this disgusting diatribe is reasoned argument when it is just hate…

      • Wade says:

        The IDF officer in charge of the crossing into Gaza is an Israeli Druze Major. He is providing invaluable assistance to the injured and many women and children injured. Ultimatums were issued this week in Mosul to the Christians there to convert pay the head tax or be executed. Many thousands have already been lined up along the river and shot and their bodies kicked into the river. The city at Nineveh which has had a Christian church for 1600 years had its last church destroyed yesterday. Soon it will reach the year, month the day and the hour to release the angels at the Euphrates to destroy a third of mankind. These people are demons and it is inevitable that a third of mankind will be killed through their actions. Another third will die of the pestilence and very few will be left alive. The worlds versions of Hadithic Islam and so-called Christianity will be eradicated and Messiah will establish his rule for a 1000 years from Jerusalem. Only then will we have peace.

  5. Andrea Smith says:

    God bless her.
    Israel needs more people to speak the truth.

  6. Alan Hoffman says:

    G-d has given you a gift and we thank you for using it for truth.


    All Israel

  7. Alina says:

    Thank you for standing up for Israel. You are an amazing, brave woman and you inspire me deeply!

  8. Lisa Kainan says:

    Just… wow. What courage she has. She truly understands what it means to be the “wrong” religion in a hostile area.

    • Brian K says:

      Surely the ‘wrong’ religion here is the one who is dying in their thousands to an enemy who shows no mercy to women or children and who is unable to take the adult position and turn the other cheek. Your belief in a god of fiction and imagination allows you to slaughter innocents despite the fact that you were persecuted in the past – have you learnt nothing?

  9. You are a bright shining light into the the depths of evil hell. Thank you for your eloquent voice and courage. Stay safe, please,

  10. Sharon Pinsley says:

    from Jaffa with much love, Sharon

  11. what a wonderful person, more people should be like her.

  12. Wade says:

    She is attacked and slandered by Muslims all over the US because what she says is uncomfortable. She is a Lebanese Christian with all the problems that entails also. Over the last 2000 years our Sabbatarian people have been attacked by Catholics and Protestants and Muslims and Jews and we have had to fight back. Islam itself was founded by Sabbatarians and they were taken over by Paganised Arabs under the guise of the Hadith at the death of the Four Rightly guided caliphs. There will be no peace until the Messiah comes and Judaism and Hadithic Islam and Trinitarian Christianity are all subjugated to the laws of God. That is beyond the capacity of this world.

  13. juliemizrahi says:

    we need people like her to change the world. Thank you for having the courage to speak up

  14. Cici says:

    I admire your courage to stand up and defend what is right. May G-d richly bless and protect you.

  15. Brian love says:

    I am prepared to accept her words,and the sadness is there for all to read,my question is,why,and what is the reasons for so much hate towards the Jews,from the Arab world? And in fairness,an explanation,would be appreciated in respect of balance.What saddens me,is the effect of religion on certain people,which teaches you what to wear, what to eat ,what to think,body mutilation,and sadly who to hate,as an agnostic, I rely on common sense,fairness,a love for,and towards others and all things,and I feel fortunate that religion has not had the evil effect on me,as it has on others,may your God go with you,and hopefully lead you on the path of love,not war.

  16. aarkie says:

    Brigitte Gabriel’s address at Duke University is a truthful and courage one. Were she addressing a Muslim University in the West Bank,/Gaza under Hamas/Fatah rule, what do one think would happen to her? Unquestionably, she would be dragged from the podium and shot or hanged immediately! Hamas who uses its citizens as Fodor, Human Shields, who run with babies in their arms asking to be shot by IDF, who shoot and kill their own people are barbarians, without feelings for any kind of human life,ie donkeys, horses etc. They are a cancer on earth, a social cancer that must be dealt with appropriately. They are murders that need to be brought before the Court for their acts of killings indescriminately. Even when there is a 72 hour cease fire, they use it to defy the Geneva Treaty.
    aarkie 18

  17. Loren says:

    Respect! Well said. A gutsy speech to give when the truth is contrary to what the world wants to believe.

  18. Judith Berson says:

    It is harder to be good, when all around you there is evil. My utmost respect and admiration go to this woman. How do we make the world see that the Jews are not hateful, repulsive people? Until the Muslims stop their hateful teachings, nothing will get better. If only, they would take the time to see what the Jewish mentality is, what the Jew has contributed to this world, how foolish they are, how the world would improve, how their world would improve, if only they would open their minds to the truth and to reality, how much better the world would be. Unfortunately, it will not happen in this generation.
    May God be good to this brave woman.

  19. Brian K says:

    Quote from this speech – “Once upon a time, there was a special place in the lowest depths of hell for anyone who would intentionally murder a child.”
    Quote from the BBC – “The UN says Israel has killed around 330 Palestinian children in under 30 days”, reports Orla Guerin in Gaza

    • grace0307 says:

      REPEAT – Hamas could, if it wished, put an end to all the killing, hatred and war. Please don’t blame Israel for killing children, women and elderly, whom Hamas has publicly congratulated for ‘sacrificing’ themselves. Please don’t turn that around and blame Israel for the fact that Hamas is USING children, women and elderly to gain the sympathy vote. Do you REALLY believe people are THAT stupid?

      • Brian K says:

        Let me reply back to you…
        REPEAT – Israel could, if it wished, put an end to all the killing, hatred and war. Please don’t blame Hamas for killing children, women and elderly. Please don’t turn that around and blame Hamas for the fact that Israel is TARGETING schools, and hospitals to crush their spirit when it really just creates the next generation of Hamas. Do you REALLY believe people are THAT stupid?

      • Wade says:

        It seems that you may well be that stupid. Israel has chosen to deal with the situation using tanks in the artillery mode as well as drones and their artillery. The spread of any barrage has a distribution of at least 50m from the target grid and this the spread is a minimum of 100 metres. Hamas is using houses and positions near the centres with the express aim of using them as human shields. The only other alternative is to use the soldiers in a house to house occupation with greater casualties and Israel has chosen this solution to minimise their own casualties. The US forces in Fallujah did not do that they went house to house and took more casualties. Hamas could stop it tomorrow by honouring a cease fire. Instead today alone they fired sixty rockets into Israel before Israel retaliated. Very soon the UN will order Nato to occupy Gaza on a permanent basis as a UN force and occupy Israel lands also to Jerusalem. They don’t get it.

      • grace0307 says:

        Perhaps Israel is targeting underground tunnels wherever they may be? And Hamas, I’m afraid publicly applaud the children, the elderly and the women who ‘sacrifice’ themselves. What utter bullshit is that? What God asks that children, elderly and women are sacrificed in its name? Why would God want his own people to destroy themselves and others? But perhaps Satan would want that? But carry on … follow Satan and see where it leads you.

  20. Brian K says:

    Religion is the root of all evil, and this is a perfect example of why. Hamas use the word ‘sacrificed’ because using the more accurate word (‘murdered’) would suggest that their death was an utter waste, and that may be too much to bear. The UN told Israel over 30 times not to bomb near their safe haven school and yet they still did, showing no concern for innocents. If Satan is involved in this conflict (a convenient belief that you could use to justify your atrocities) then consider which side he is on- the poor, oppressed, disorganised side that have killed 40 soldiers, or the rich, organised side who, despite the opportunity to restrain themselves and use their missile shield, oppresses and kills thousands of civilians.

    The world is looking, and to us, it’s very clear that what Hamas are doing is wrong, but Israels response is a cause for global outrage. Has your history taught you no compassion?

    • grace0307 says:

      History should have and I hope it has, taught it compassion for ITSELF. It has always had compassion for others, but totally forgets ITSELF, which is why the whole world has treated Israel with contempt. Because SHIT doesn’t respect kindness and compassion, it interprets it as weakness, and it’s time Israel caught on to that and showed the world that it has compassion and knows only too well how to use compassion … but with wisdom also.

      • Brian K says:

        I’m sure you realise Grace, that the killing just creates the next generation of Hamas radicals and perpetuates the conflict. Like in that film ‘Wargames’, the only way to win is to not play the game.

        I find it terrifying that other posters here think that peace will only arrive after most of the worlds population is wiped from this earth by god; what an easy way to bypass all responsibility for finding a solution. The fact is that we all need to take individual responsibility for helping find peace right now. You may think that peace is impossible, but ask yourself, if it WAS possible, what would be some of the steps that would be required? We may all find that one of those steps is to stop the killing even though Hamas continues to try to cause trouble, and a second step is then to work with the UN to get Hamas to follow suit… and if that doesn’t work, then you keep trying, and keep trying, and keep trying – because as soon as you stop trying then you’ve reset the situation and everyone loses.

  21. Ali says:

    I do hope that Brigitte tracels to more Universities to spread the truth. Why we do not have a President like her is beyond me.

    • Brian K says:

      Because, if we had a president that believed that a certain religion was evil, barbaric and intolerable, and was happy to condone mass slaughter, including of women and children, then we would be able to sit back and watch a repeat of Germany under Hitler…..

      What happened to compassion and tolerance, are these not aspects we should value any longer?

  22. Elanore8 says:

    We love her and what she stands for! Brigitte’s ACT chapters are all over the USA. (American Congress for Truth) Please find one near you. It feels much better to share with others who want the same thing for our nation and for all nations. We pray that Brigitte will continue to have the stamina for this timely & essential work!

  23. Dvorah Colker says:

    Israel builds shelters to protect their population
    Hamas builds tunnels to massacre the Israeli’s & launches missiles from civilian areas

  24. Naomi berman says:

    Wow, this speech, your experiences need to be heard and understood for a much wider audience. You can and will do great things!!! Mazel Tov! On your graduation!! You have many unknown fans, I’m sure. You are an amazing role model for so many people!! Thank you for sharing this story!!!

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